Dis moi ton Secret

Marguerite Henriot

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'Dis moi ton Secret'

Marguerite Henriot 

Oil on paper canvas


26 x 31,5cm

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About the Artist 


Portraits have always been at the heart of everything I do.
Born in Reims, raised in Yorkshire, my passion for drawing and painting has only become greater everyday. Since I was a child, my favorite hobbies after school would be to draw, faces, people, eyes...
At l’Ecole Boulle, I had the chance to discover and extend my fascination of portraits by learning the art of relief engraving and clay modeling. Nevertheless, the art of oil painting has recently become my most beloved passion. Through this medium I am able to express the fascination I have, not only for the lines, but also, shapes, curves and volumes of a  face, and how the the light reflects and creates a number of different colours on one’s skin.

“A portrait is only a glimpse, a hint, one face of one’s character”

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