Piotr Krzymowski

Emotional Baggage


29.10-17, 1:51 PM - 30.10.12, 1:51 PM

Sand, Hourglass

50cm x 20cm x 20cm

£1,600 ex VAT

About the Piece:

Hourglass is Piotr Krzymowski’s response to disappearing Instagram stories that have a 24 hour life span. He attempts to transform impermanent Instagram images into a permanent, three-dimensional form. The artist turns a disappearing picture into grains of sand equal to the number of pixels in the image. The colour of the sand is determined by the picture’s median hue, achieved by running the photograph through a scanning program. The result is a tangible, permanent transformation of a momentary image, long since disappeared from social media, into a new abstract form presented in an hourglass where the sand, signifying the disappeared picture, marks the passing of time.



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