Lampada Cappello Sample IV (Original Prototype)

Oscar Piccolo




Lampada Cappello Sample IV (2018)

Functioning Original Sculptural Prototype

Approximately 160 cm (h)

As featured in Vogue

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About the Artist:

Born in Sicily in 1995 and educated at Chelsea College of Arts, Oscar belongs to a new wave of young artists exploring a variety of mediums that question the relationship between object and space. Influenced by a childhood spent between Ghana, Turkey, Egypt, Libya and Italy; Oscar’s work features a series of sculptures and maquettes. With an aim to explore the relation between person/object, object/material, each sculptural piece is fruit of a playful interaction. He is particularly interested in how materiality can define form and be portrayed through different means. Such materiality portrayed through the use of wood, cardboard, masking tape and bricks. 

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