Untitled Photograph 1

Willie Cole

Various sizes and prices


Untitled Photograph 1


Museum Quality Black and White Inkjet Pigment Prints


Small Format (Unframed): Edition of 20

Print Size: 14.4” x 18” (inches) with 1” border

Current Price: $1,000 + shipping 


Large Format (Unframed): Edition of 20

Print Size: 28.8” x 36” (inches) with 1” border

Current Price: $2,700 + shipping 


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About the Artist:

For American multi-medium artist, Willie Cole, exposure to the creative world was part and parcel of his childhood. Raised in Pomfret, Connecticut, Willie learned first-hand from his father, a studio painting and art history professor. Between the Abstract Expressionist movement that was popular in his youth to his familial influences—his grandmother designed the window displays for Bonwit Teller in NYC, where she collaborated with artists such as Salvador Dalí—Willie’s artistic influences are deeply rooted and wide-ranging.

Before turning his attention to art full-time, Willie worked as a production designer on television commercials for over 30 years, and in 1993 directed a full length feature film in Marrakesh, Morocco. Throughout these years, Willie would spend his free time on photography and painting. Now that he’s in his late fifties, art has become his full-time occupation and passion.

Willie’s personal motto is very simple: ‘just start’.  He works with what he has, which is sometimes very limited—house paints, old canvases, shipping tubes or whatever can be find: and he just starts.

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